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foto_ingrid     Ingrid Smeets, MSc, BA
    Sworn & Certified Translator & Desk Editor
    Rbtv No. 821  
    Member of the Netherlands Society
    of  Interpreters and 
Translators (NGTV) 



InkWell Texts & Translations
T: +31 24 785 27 81
 M: +31 6 22 11 63 54


Dutch Chamber of Commerce: 09120461    
VAT number: NL 1640.83.376.B01                                                                       

InkWell Texts & Translations

If you’re looking for an experienced, native Dutch translator or editor with a background in the social sciences / social science research, excellent written language skills (EN>NL), and both an analytical and creative mind, I might be the right freelance language professional to turn to. After more than eighteen years of experience in the fields of translation and editing Ingrid Smeets / InkWell Texts & Translations specializes in five key areas:

* public policy (EU, national, local level);
* social research and research methodology;
* marketing and mass media communications;
* management;
* contemporary culture, lifestyle and children's books.
For more information, please contact Ingrid Smeets (

Translated books include:

Judi Rever (2018). In Praise of Blood. The Crimes of the Rwandan Patriotic Front.  Random House Canada.

Susan Mitchie, Lou Atkins & Robert West (2014). The Behaviour Change Wheel. A Guide to Designing Interventions. Silverback Publishing.

Arlie Russell Hochschild (2016). Strangers in Their Own Land. Anger and Mourning on the American Right. The New Press.

Frank N. Pieke (2016). Knowing China. Cambridge University Press.
Franco 'Bifo' Berardi (2015). Heroes. Mass Murder and Suicide. Verso.

Paul Heiney  (2015). Can Crocodiles Cry? Amazing answers to
mind-blowing questions.  The History Press.

John Monaghan & Peter Just
(2015).  Social and Cultural Anthropology. A Very Short Introduction. Oxford University Press.

John Hendry  (2014). Management. A Very Short Introduction.
Oxford University Press.

Partha Dasgupta (2014).
Economics. A Very Short Introduction. Oxford University Press.

Rose Marie Nieswiadomy (2009 / 2013). Foundations of Nursing Research
5th & 6th Edition.
Pearson Prentice Hall.

Michael R. Solomon, Greg W. Marshall & Elnora W. Stuart (2012/2008).
Marketing, real people, real choices, 6th & 7th Edition. 
Pearson Prentice Hall.

Alvin C. Burns & Ronald F. Bush (2011). Marketing Research, update with 
SPSS 16.0, 6th Edition
. Pearson Prentice Hall.*

Patrick de Pelsmacker, Maggie Geuens & Joeri van den Bergh (2015/2011). Marketing Communications: A European Perspective, 5th Edition.  Pearson Education.*

Mark Saunders, Philip Lewis & Adrian Thornhill (2015/2011). Research Methods for Business Students, 7th Edition. Pearson Education.*

Ph. L. Hunsaker (2006 / 2010). Management: A Skills Approach,
2nd & 3rd Edition
. Pearson Prentice Hall *

Sue Brown (2010). Health and Illness in Older Adults, 1st Edition. Pearson Education Australia.

Cecie Kraynak (2013). Spanish Grammar For Dummies. John Wiley & Sons.

Marc Gellman & Thomas Hartman (2003 / 2013). Religion For Dummies,
1st & 2nd Edition
. John Wiley & Sons.

John Landaw & Stephan Bodian (2004 / 2012). Buddhism For Dummies,
1st & 2nd Edition
. John Wiley & Sons.

George Feuerstein & Larry Payne (2003 / 2012). Yoga For Dummies,
1st & 2nd Edition
. John Wiley & Sons.*

Eriko Sato (2011). Japanese Phrases For Dummies. John Wiley & Sons.

Jennie D'Amato (2009). Barbie: All Dolled Up: Celebrating 50 Years of Barbie.

Last updated: 28 March 2019